Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Ligny - the full battle

Clash on the Ligny battlefield (1815)

This blog mainly concerns itself with wargaming in small spaces, due mainly to my own limitations on gaming space and the time that the space is actually available. A recent move has given me an opportunity for a separate but temporary playing area that is not subject to the demands on the family table and which allows for an all day game and even one that can drift into the following day.

As part of my restructuring plans for hobby time in 2018, I wanted to have some ‘wargame fest’ days during the year to use this space to get some bigger games in for a deeper level of play.

First up has been the rather splendid ‘Ligny 1815’ game from Hexasim, a two mapper, that with the historical scenario, we get three large corps on the Prussian side and three infantry plus three cavalry corps for the French.

I have already posted a detailed look at the system (see the Resource Section below), so this will just be an AAR  as at how the historical battle played out, plus some notes and observations.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Street of Ligny 1815

The Streets of Ligny scenario, from the Ligny 1815 module.

This is volume III in Hexasim’s Eagles of France Series (designed by Walter Vejdovsky), with the first two volumes covering Waterloo and Austerlitz. The campaign games are two mappers, though Ligny has two interesting smaller scenarios that use a single map and they are fun to play in their own right, also serving as a good introduction to the game, or allowing players returning to the system to quickly reconsolidate their knowledge of the rules.

The Ligny 1815 addition to the series line-up brings an interesting battle and the prospect of fighting through built up areas is more significant than in the previous two titles. To emphasise this, the smallest scenario (half a map) shows an exploded view of the settlement of Ligny itself and gives the French four turns to attack into the town and eject the Prussian defenders from key locations.

This enlarged view of Ligny allows this particular map to have over-large hexes and the resulting tussle has all the ingredients of good visuals and low unit count to give a very playable and enjoyable game, which is short enough to allow the session to also include as much rule referencing as the gamer needs to get familiar with the system.

I think this is a brilliant system and the rest of this post is given over to a closer look at the system in general via a replay of this particular scenario.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

York Wargame Show 2018

Vapnartak 2018

On Sunday 4th February, the UK show season in the north kicked off with Vapnartak, a well regarded wargame show, held at the Racecourse at York (north east UK). 

This post is just a brief personal perspective of the visit.

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